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Kaa is a free, open-source platform for building, managing, and integrating connected
things with the Internet of Everything.

Kaa at a glance

Everyone knows that building competitive, modern products is challenging. To achieve success, engineers must stay focused on creating unique products that provide maximum value to the consumer. When developing such products, the ability to reuse existing components makes an engineer’s life a lot easier, helping him keep his eye on the prize to ensure a successful product launch. This is why we have built the Kaa IoT platform.

The Kaa IoT platform is licensed under Apache 2.0, including the server and client components. Kaa is 100% free to use in open source or proprietary software with no royalties or fees. Kaa is built to be robust, flexible, and easy to use.

Community contributions

Kaa website

Kaa IoT platform is designed with universal patterns in mind, which makes it pertinent to a wide variety of industries and applications. It greatly reduces the price to develop a connected product, significantly expedites time to market, and scales up organically as the business grows. Kaa’s powerful middleware functionality takes care of all of the back-end heavy lifting and allows vendors to concentrate on maximizing their product’s unique value to the consumer.

Kaa in the IoT technology stack


Competitive businesses of the data-driven world become increasingly dependent on the applications that are able to interact in real time with a variety of smart tools available today. Kaa empowers this interaction in every vertical, providing a hardware abstracted data exchange layer. The platform offers readily available interfaces to data processing, analytics, and warehousing platforms, and industry specific applications for fast and secure development of new vertical solutions. We partner up with ISVs to build new integrations.

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Being a horizontal middleware platform, Kaa acts as a universal liaison between the physical and application worlds. The majority of recurring connected product software design patterns are already reflected in the platform in a flexible and customizable way. These patterns set up the best practices framework that makes the creation of innovative products more straightforward, simple, and elegant, while reducing the associated cost, time, and risk.


In order to survive the IoT competition, devices must be connected. Kaa unleashes the true potential of hardware components by bridging them with cloud services, data platforms, and applications. CyberVision works on preintegrating microchips with Kaa, and welcomes hardware partners to join us in this endeavor.

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fitness devices





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Industries for Kaa vertical integration

Together with the growing open-source community and CyberVision’s partners, we are working hard on driving Kaa adoption in a variety of industries.

Industrial Automation

Smart Metering

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Smart City

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