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Enterprise support for CDAP

Cybervision delivers enterprise support for CDAP (Cask Data Application Platform), which is a powerful, Apache 2.0 licensed framework for building big data and analytics applications. Purpose-built for quick and easy data processing, it allows effortless accommodating and analyzing large volumes of data via a number of Hadoop distributions such as Hortonworks® Data Platform, MapR Converged Data Platform, and Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub. Clean, consistent no-code CDAP environment for visual data pipelines orchestration enables companies to derive real value from their data lakes across various sources.

The platform provides powerful tools to accelerate, fine-tune, and manage analytics solutions of varied complexity and scale, and has recently been set as a cornerstone of Google’s new big data analytics service - Google Cloud Data Fusion.


  • Generate stream of operational insights from your data analytics with CDAP
  • Deploy your solution in multicloud / hybrid environment

In the cloud

  • Realize the full potential of your data with Google’s Cloud Data Fusion
  • Convert your real-time data to insights with powerful GCP
  • Integrate your solution with multiple Google services


We help companies achieve a competitive advantage by delivering full–stack enterprise support for CDAP.

What we can do for you
  • Infrastructure, data, or a business application transfer
  • Data fetch from external data sources including Oracle, SAP, etc.
  • Cleansing and refining raw data
  • Creating custom data pipelines
  • Advanced analytics design and implementation
  • Connecting an external analytics engine
  • Custom software development

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