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CyberVision at CES 2014: Our View From the Inside

We had a great kickoff for 2014 at CES, the world’s premier gathering hub for all high-tech enthusiasts and gadget geeks. Here’s my brief roundup of the most interesting and thought-provoking highlights we saw at the event in Las Vegas. So, what’s going to rule the global tech scene during 2014?


Wearable tech gains momentum

Wearable tech got a lot of attention at this year’s event, which is one big result of the burgeoning app economy and the mobile technology boom. From the significant improvement to Pebble’s Steel Smartwatch (that we first saw last year) to glasses-mounted cameras such as Recon Jet to the hyped-enough Google Glass to a load of newcomers from LG and Epson – 2014 seems to be a critical year for wearable devices. It came as no surprise that fitness and healthcare gadgets dominated in the category, as they seem to be the best candidates for going mainstream this year.

Of course, we’ve yet to see whether wearable tech will take root and be pushed to the mass market in 2014. However, the fact that so many well and not so well known brands are striving to leave their footprint on the wearables market suggests the demand for these gadgets will be increasing and software developers should be ready for a higher number of wearable apps requests this year.


4K moves out of its luxury niche

4K TV was the indisputed leader at this year’s CES. Samsung and LG are pushing the technology forward with their televisions, monitors and cameras to fuel up the 4K Ultra HD ecosystem. Netflix demonstrated their 4K video streaming technology for ultra fast Internet connections and Vizio (not a very famous brand so far) showed their impressive 4K TV priced at less than $1,000 and featuring a 50-inch screen. This TV set comes as part of Vizio’s P-Series that includes 4K sets in 5 screens ranging from 50 to 70 inches.

4K resolution will also create more opportunities for software development companies, as remote control apps will be needed to manage 4K content streaming to proprietary devices such as Sony 4K TV or Home Theater Projector from smartphones and tablets.


Google helps develop self-driving cars

With a lot of smart objects at the forefront of CES 2014 (e.g. smart ear buds, voice activated bedside alarm clocks, smart house appliances, etc), few were as impressive as Google Now, which will be integrated with Audi, Honda and Hyundai by the end of the year (Audi operated via Google Now on iPhone was one of our favorites at CES). Such examples prove that the era of self-driving smart cars is fast approaching.


Embedded sensors boost explosive growth of the Internet of Things

We were impressed with a great variety of low-cost sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers that can now be easily embedded into every physical object at a low cost to fuel the Internet of Things. Off-the-shelf sensors can send huge amounts of information right to our mobile and tablet devices to tell us whether we brush our teeth in the right way and what should be done to avoid plague. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Moreover, as Big Data specialists we’re so enthusiastic about all those new opportunities that the Internet of Things will provide us with.

To conclude with, the show was great and so were our overall impressions. And what about yours? Did you get enough insights into what will be applicable to your particular business area and what will bring you the best value in 2014? Let us know!

Cesweb.org, 2014

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