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The computing power one could casually wear on their wrist today a thousand times exceeds that of AGC, the very computer that brought humans to the Moon and back. Taking the full advantage of that power may lead us to even greater accomplishments here on Earth.

Smarter everything

The beginning of the 21-st century has marked a dramatic shift in the perception of even the most conventional products. The proliferation of low-cost, low-power microchips has set the stage for a new generation of devices that previously belonged only to the science fiction. As a result, we see the consumer electronics landscape being extensively repainted as physical characteristics of a device become rather secondary to its brain power. A music player no longer requires physical storage to play recordings, a lawn mower builds the map of your property while you are reading the manual, and your car key figures it out if you took too much on a Saturday night.

As everything gets smarter, correspondingly bigger opportunities arise. A picturesque portrayal of a new, smart reality is still in its initial draft, thus welcoming original ideas and bold experiments. Best artists are already at work, and the audience is waiting in eager anticipation. Will it be another giant leap for a mankind? It most certainly will, the question is only whose names will be written in gold on the canvas.

At CyberVision, we have not just witnessed the digital revolution taking place, but played our own part in its success story. Working with the major consumer electronics brands, we have enhanced their products with the intelligence that outclasses any analogues on their target markets and provides our clients with the distinct edge over the competition.

Core Machinery

There is no single key to success on the modern high-tech market. Innovations happen so staggeringly fast that a couple of months in product launch delay can effectively consign your development effort to the dustbin of history. Apart from original product vision, great accomplishments largely rely on clear planning, flawless execution, and ability to adapt to changes.

With the margins of error being so small, it is vital to pick the most optimal hardware and software for your consumer electronics right from the start. Along with the short product time-to-market, the proper choice of basic technologies will ensure enough room for further product improvement and flexible adaptation to changes. Yet another part of the essential knowledge is how to execute the development and manufacturing process to deliver on a target deadline. Seldom are deadlines met through pure luck, therefore, a much better bet would be to have someone with a roadmap and proven expertise.

  • 1

    Embedded operating systems and firmware for smart products

  • 2

    Drivers and connectivity (Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, 6LoWPAN, Ethernet, 1-wire, etc.)

  • 3

    Data buses (SPI, I2C, I2S, U(S)ART, SDIO, etc.)

  • 4

    Electrical engineering, PCB design, prototyping

  • 5

    Complementary mobile applications

  • 6

    Pre-production and production line test plans

Advanced Intelligence Magic

As smart products evolve, consumers expect them to become better integrated with the surrounding environment, have a quicker grasp on their operating context, and generally exhibit more intelligent behavior. However, the world does not talk in bits and bytes that could be directly consumed by the electronics. That leads vendors to a tedious task of developing sensory functionality and building a non-trivial interpretation layer. Still, the final goal lies even further.

Ultimately, the one who truly amazes the customer steals the show. Cheap tricks will not do for the modern audience of digital natives who have enough technical savvy to spot a weak act. It is true that really ground-breaking, personalized user experience requires a hard development effort and deep understanding of the available machine learning and artificial intelligence toolset, especially suited for the constrained embedded environment. However, only in the afterglow of this type of experience the true customer loyalty is born.

CyberVision comes prepared for the top challenge, bringing in the cream of the crop among mathematicians, system analysts, and embedded software engineers, all with a knack for advanced intelligence magic.

  • 1

    Research and development of complex data processing algorithms

  • 2

    Digital signal processing: from a concept to the low-level implementation

  • 3

    Machine learning and AI elements

  • 4

    Memory-, energy-, and compute-wise code optimization

The ongoing profound changes make the consumer electronics market as supple as hardly ever before. New brands break into the charts with brilliant products and take their place in the sun. Each of them acts fast. Contact us to learn how to act at top speed yourself.

Internet of Things

The age of smart products, really big data, and connected everything is just around the corner. As large and small enterprises are gearing up to face the new reality, some of them venture forth into it. They are the ones to whom this dazzling future will belong.


Big Data

Through generations, the idea of intelligent machines helping humans in everyday life kept us looking with high hopes into tomorrow. The advent of Big Data has let us look with great expectations right into today.


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