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CyberVision launches collaboration with Canonical

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CyberVision, a trusted global provider of IT engineering services, announces its new partnership with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. Integration between the latest Snappy Ubuntu and the IoT middleware framework from CyberVision, will give the IoT community a powerful open toolkit for building modern IoT solutions.

“As the Internet of Things gets closer to becoming a reality, the need for versatile,  cross-technology, open building platforms becomes more widely recognized. Numerous pre-packaged solutions have proved IoT to be a great thing, but they are no longer enough to drive its evolution. To unleash the real value of IoT, the foundational technology has to be made accessible to a wide community of engineers, the technology which is powerful enough to create entire IoT ecosystems. We believe that our integrated solutions will provide developers with the previously unattainable degree of independence from the hardware and application code specifics when building IoT solutions. Therefore, it will be much easier and faster to build heterogeneous IoT solutions, consisting of software components and connected devices of various types and vendors.” – says Andrew Kokhanovskyi, CTO of CyberVision.

Watch more in the video or read the official press release from Ubuntu.

About CyberVision
With nearly two decades of experience, CyberVision is a trusted global provider of IT and consulting services. With our expanding pool of highly talented engineers and extensive expertise in cutting-edge IT technologies, we deliver software solutions of the finest technological calibre and we do it in a timely fashion. Operating under the maxim of software to serve businesses – our clients will attest – we don’t just implement software systems, we think strategically about the system lifespan, scalability, maintenance and cost. www.cybervisiontech.com

About Canonical
Canonical is a well-known company for its desktop operating system, used by over 20 million people, but now they are taking care of Ubuntu, a world’s most popular free operating system. Ubuntu Touch brings the intuitive user experience to smartphones, and is now available as a developer preview. Canonical cloud suite offers a clean, repeatable and manageable stack for anyone deploying private or public clouds. www.canonical.com

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