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The age of smart products, really big data, and connected everything is just around the corner. As large and small enterprises are gearing up to face the new reality, some of them venture forth into it. They are the ones to whom this dazzling future will belong.

The Promise of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things rises to fame as it hits the consumer market with a cornucopia of smart devices and IT-powered product systems. Capitalising on widely available wireless connection, this new generation of products allows you to assemble entire networks of smart things and make them collaborate on fulfilling your needs.

Moreover, the Internet of Things gradually unveils a new dimension of value for businesses - the value of distributed intelligence. Devices in an IoT network get the ability to comprehend collected raw data and extract meaningful patterns out of it before reporting to the analytics server. To simplify this task, CyberVision offers a rich, open-source IoT application platform that can be used to introduce any business logic into virtually any type of connected device.

Here at CyberVision, the IoT is our core competence and major R&D field. We’ve been engaged in the development of numerous variations of IoT solutions and smart, connected products. To highlight our major directions: IoT embedded firmware and OS development, IoT application middleware, software development for smart products, hardware design, digital signal processing, data gathering and analysis algorithms, and machine learning.

Smart products and IoT applications

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing the landscapes of consumer and industrial markets: customers expect greater value for their money, manufacturers rearrange their supply chains to incorporate a new technology stack into their products, and the definition of product itself loosens its rigid boundaries. This occurs as the market shifts from discrete, isolated products toward compound systems that link together related products in a way that amplifies their total worth and usefulness. Software and connectivity components are becoming part and parcel of high-quality household appliances, electronic devices, and measuring tools.

  • 1

    Embedded operating systems and firmware for smart products

  • 2

    Drivers and connectivity components for smart products

  • 3

    IoT applications on top of wearable devices and consumer electronics

  • 4

    Smart products integration

IoT-powered big data analytics

Apart from augmenting the value of products and devices, the IoT technologies extend the application of big data platforms by allowing for a much greater range of data collecting elements. Technical impediments are no longer the case when it comes to tapping into the right source of information - with the modern sensors and microprocessors combined with the IoT application firmware, it is possible to obtain almost any conceivable data. However, the broad implementation of data processing systems must go in parallel with implementation of correct business intelligence models and data science methods.

  • 1

    Setting up IoT infrastructure for data collection and analysis

  • 2

    IoT applications / firmware that enables structured and secure data collection

  • 3

    Relevant, IoT-driven data mining and business intelligence tools

Adaptive IoT networks and ecosystems

Networks of IoT devices are making life easier for many enterprises. They allow companies to remotely monitor and make real-time changes to every required element or parameter of their equipment. The only challenging part consists in integrating mismatched devices from different vendors into the united whole, and that’s where the IoT application firmware (or, platform) steps in. CyberVision has introduced an open-source IoT application platform, called Kaa, which functions as a middle tier in an IoT network and takes care of messaging across devices, real-time distribution of configuration updates, and event management. Kaa can support virtually any type of endpoint, networking protocol, and data storage.

  • 1

    IoT application firmware that enables unified administration over IoT networks

  • 2

    IoT infrastructure integration

  • 3

    IoT application development services

  • 4

    Machine learning models and algorithms

  • 5

    Optimization of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms

As the IoT adoption gains steam, more and more businesses utilize the IoT power to keep ahead of the competition or at least not lag behind. Contact us to learn how our IoT solutions and experience can help you reserve a comfortable seat on this journey to a smart, connected world.

Consumer Electronics

The computing power one could casually wear on their wrist today a thousand times exceeds that of AGC, the very computer that brought humans to the Moon and back. Taking the full advantage of that power may lead us to even greater accomplishments here on Earth.


Big Data

Through generations, the idea of intelligent machines helping humans in everyday life kept us looking with high hopes into tomorrow. The advent of Big Data has let us look with great expectations right into today.


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