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If you are seeking an opportunity to work with an intelligent, energetic group, committed to excellence and strong knowledge sharing, look no further.

Leonard Lekht

Founder, President and CEO

Mr. Leonard Lekht, Founder and a Chief Executive Officer at CyberVision. Mr. Lekht has built CyberVision into a successful IT company, trusted by dozens of clients globally. Under Mr. Lekht’s direction CyberVision has evolved to become the go to company for most complex development tasks and projects in mobility, telecom, consumer electronics, big data, and IoT.

Prior of founding CyberVision Leonard Lekht worked for almost 15 years at the Chase Manhattan Bank as a Senior Technology Executive managing several major areas of the bank. Over the span of his career at Chase he had brought dozens of complex projects to completion, as well as being the catalyst for innovation and change. Mr. Lekht is regarded as one of the most innovative executives and a pioneer in the implementation of leading edge technologies and approaches.

Milena Sidler

EVP of Global Business

Milena Sidler brings over 10 years of a successful sales career to CyberVision. She is a result focused effectual sales leader with proven ability to sell complex products as well as recognize opportunities for new concepts and markets.

Mrs. Sidler leads CyberVision’s US-based sales organization as well as the global pre-sales engineering team. Acknowledged for exceptional efforts, leadership, motivation, team building and alignment. Under her leadership, sales volumes quadrupled within the past three years. She is a highly respected professional among top level executives in mobility, big data, financial, and other industries.

Andrew Kokhanovskyi


Andrew Kokhanovskyi brings to CyberVision a proven track record in leading worldwide development teams responsible for delivering industry-leading software solutions. He oversees CyberVision’s engineering teams and also leads the R&D group that works on Kaa open-source IoT platform and creates innovative solutions using applied-science technologies.

Prior to his role as a CTO, Mr. Kokhanovskyi held technical and project management positions where he was responsible for the architecture, technology and delivery of various projects in mobility, embedded, data management, telecommunications, and other areas. Before joining CyberVision he worked on applied physics research in the field of medical application of solid state micro-electronics for a university in Hamburg, Germany.

Mr. Kokhanovskyi holds a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electronics from the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

Oksana Nesterenko

Head of HR Department

Oksana has built CyberVision’s strong team of professionals who deliver to the highest expectations of our customers. Being on the company’s staffing frontline, she shares and promotes CyberVision’s values and goals. Her responsibilities include the management of teams working on recruitment, talent retention, and human capital.


CyberVision designs and implements technology solutions that are deployed by a number of companies in high-tech industries. We are comprised of hundreds of professionals that provide a comprehensive set of services covering the entire life cycle of a solution.


Clients & Partners

At CyberVision, our clients and partners are our highest priority. We strive to establish long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships.


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